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Upcoming iOS Title Takes In-App Purchases To The Extreme Level

Upcoming iOS Title Takes In-App Purchases To The Extreme Level

July 10, 2012
Famous game designer and programmer Peter Molyneux recently let more information slip about his next game that will be making its way to iOS, along with PC and Android, according to EuroGamer. Curiosity, which will arrive on August 22, is definitely an interesting concept. Instead of trying to endlessly run or lead a pack of angry birds, the game sees players chip away at a cube formed of 60 million smaller cubes. At the center of the core, Molyneux (pictured) said the mystery is “valuable, and so life-chantingly important.”
"It's so amazing I think it will appear on news reports," Molyneux said elsewhere in the presentation, "though it's not a dead cat, by the way."
Really, that’s great to know. And beyond the concept, the game is taking in-app purchases to an insane level. Players can purchase an iron chisel, 10 times more powerful than the default tap, for somewhere around a dollar. But if that doesn’t sound good enough for you, there will be a diamond pickaxe for sale for a whopping $50,000 that is 100,000 times more powerful than the default instrument. And Molyneux, who was previously employed by Microsoft Game Studios, didn’t have a problem defending the price.
"Why is that not nice?" Molyneux retorted animatedly. "We can't be ashamed for asking people to spend money. We can't be ashamed of that. As a designer that is proof that I have done something meaningful. I'm not saying that you have to buy these chisels - and I don't expect the diamond chisel to ever be purchased. If it is I want to meet that person. They may be an investor or something!" "I'm not doing this to purely monetize," Molyneux carried on, "but I don't mind monetization. I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of."
Keep dreaming, Peter. Will you be downloading Curiosity? Source: EuroGamer

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