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Will The iPad mini Be The Thinnest iPad Yet?

Will The iPad mini Be The Thinnest iPad Yet?

July 11, 2012
If the purported "iPhone 5 engineering samples" that were revealed yesterday got your attention, GottaBeMobile has posted a similar series of photos - this time detailing the iPad mini. The photos in question are of an "early design sample" that may be used in the production process and to test accessories: The first photo reveals that smaller dock connector we've been hearing about, as well as what appears to be stereo speakers. I'm not the biggest fan of the iPad's current speaker, which is practically rear-facing. Hopefully, the angle of the new speaker(s) will improve the iPad's sound quality. By conducting a pixel count of the photos in Photoshop to estimate the dimensions of the iPad mini, GottaBeMobile found some interesting information:
The iPad Mini should be around 213.36mm tall and about 143.67mm wide. This is approximately two-thirds of the size of the new third-generation iPad. The new iPad is 185.67mm wide, 241.3mm tall, and 9.39mm thick.
The third-generation iPad is about 9.5mm thick, so if that iPad mini product mold is legit, then it'll be the thinnest iPad yet. And the screen size? The mold has no indications for size, but from the looks of it, 7.85-inches could be that magic number. As always, we won't know anything else until Apple officially confirms or denies it. Do you want the iPad mini to become a reality? Source: GottaBeMobile

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