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Add Some Razzle Dazzle To Your Videos

Add Some Razzle Dazzle To Your Videos

August 8, 2012
Recood Video Camera Pro by Ahiku Corp. icon

Recood Video Camera Pro ($3.99) by Ahiku Corp. is basically Instagram for videos. The numerous filters add a creative touch to any video you produce. I can't wait to showcase my artistic videos on the Recood feed.

Recood Video Camera Pro by Ahiku Corp. screenshot

Upon opening Recood, I realized how similar the format was to Instagram. The app features a constantly updated feed where people can favorite and comment on every video. You can follow your friends and even invite your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to join. Creating a Recood account is free, easy, and once again similar to Instagram. Just enter a profile and a user name and you're done. You can even make an account using your Twitter or Facebook profile.

After creating my account I opened the camera feature to check out what kinds of filters the app offered. There were five free filters and five filters that you had to pay for with gold coins. This confused me because there was no mention of gold coins in the tour the app provided. To me, the lack of clear instructions was probably the most disappointing part of the app.

After digging around the app for several minutes I finally found out how to earn gold coins and how to use them. You do not have to pay extra for them but instead you can earn them by recommending the app on Facebook and Twitter and by inviting your friends to join. When you create an account you receive 1,000 gold coins. This is enough to buy the remaining five filters. Part of me thinks the ability to earn coins is a cute feature, but I can't help wondering if it would quickly turn into a hassle.

Recood Video Camera Pro by Ahiku Corp. screenshot

I really liked Recood. I could see myself using it quite often to add some pizazz to everyday videos. I liked almost every filter and I had a lot of fun checking out other videos on the Recood feed. I would recommend this app to fans of artistic apps like Instagram.

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