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Analytics Tiles App Adds New Features Ahead Of Huge 2.0 Update

Analytics Tiles App Adds New Features Ahead Of Huge 2.0 Update

August 27, 2012
So far, we here at AppAdvice have dubbed Solar as “the Clear of weather apps” and SpeedGlow as “the Clear of speedometer apps.” But in case you’re wondering what “the Clear of Google Analytics apps” is, wonder no more. We’ve previously written about it early last June. But we’re reintroducing Analytics Tiles App as, yes, “the Clear of Google Analytics apps” on the occasion of its latest update. In true Clear fashion, Analytics Tiles App is colorful, minimalist and fully gesture-based. And Analytics Tiles App is now at version 1.2. According to the app’s developer, version 1.2 is an intermediate update issued in preparation for version 2.0. Due in October, Analytics Tiles App 2.0 is set to include a number of major new features. For now, though, Analytics Tiles App 1.2 includes a new menu system and a new and improved internal data storage. It also introduces a new circular graph tile type for percentages and additional metrics related to goals and e-commerce. The newly updated Analytics Tiles App is available now in the App Store for free for all existing users and $2.99 for new ones. Note that updating to the new version of Analytics Tiles App resets your user settings. Hence, you have to log in again with your Google Analytics credentials in order to use the app.

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