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Colorize Your Photos The Smart And Delightful Way With Photo Delight 2.0

Colorize Your Photos The Smart And Delightful Way With Photo Delight 2.0

August 15, 2012
If you’ve been waiting for an updated version of Photo Delight that’s already optimized for the third-generation iPad’s Retina display, you’ll no doubt be delighted to know that it’s finally here. At long last, Photo Delight is now equipped with Retina iPad support. And in line with that, the app, which is now at version 2.0 after a year-and-a-half long dearth of updates, now has a redesigned UI. In addition, the new version of Global Delight’s photo editing and color splashing app gains a bucketful of neat, new features. With Photo Delight 2.0, you can now colorize photos of up to 20 MP. Also, you can perform finer adjustments with the improved brush settings, accidental stroke correction options, and pinch-pan gestures. If you can't see the videos embedded above, please click here. The app also has better sharing options. Now you can share photos via Flickr, Photobucket, or email. As well, you can now share your masterpieces on Twitter and Facebook through native iOS integration. Photo Delight 2.0 also promises a simple yet engaging workflow, part of which is effectively introduced in the app through a quick video tutorial about colorizing photos. Photo Delight 2.0 is available now as a free update or as a $1.99 download in the App Store. Even as it’s updated in a major way, Photo Delight’s key feature remains in the form of Smart Touch. With Smart Touch, color splashing is made fun and easy as it ensures that no color spill is induced even if you go over the edges. Indeed, Smart Touch is smart. And Photo Delight, especially in its current state, is a delight. But do you now what else is a delight? A $20 iTunes gift card. And that's exactly what you can win if you join Photo Delight's "Share A Pic, Win A Gift" promo by clicking here.

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