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Former Apple Marketing Man Talks About The Passion That Drives Our Favorite Company

Former Apple Marketing Man Talks About The Passion That Drives Our Favorite Company

August 8, 2012
Remember Ken Segall? Not only was he one of Steve Jobs' most trusted marketing men from NeXT onwards, but Segall also recently penned "Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success" - a text that promises to shed a light on the perfect simplicity of the Apple brand. Recently, Segall talked with Harry McCracken (TIME's Editor-at-large) about exactly what has made our favorite company the absolute success it is today. The interview is available to watch online, in a one hour 19 minute video that can be found over at Computer History Museum's YouTube channel. As outlined in the YouTube video's description:
Many people consider Apple the most powerful brand in the world — an accolade that’s hard to dispute when its product line includes iPad, the iPod, iPhone, iMac and MacBook Air. Companies all over the world try to emulate Apple’s creative genius and groundbreaking marketing. But what is the real secret to Apple’s success? According to Ken Segall, the man who put the “i” in iMac and served as a member of Steve Jobs’ creative inner circle for more than a decade, the answer is: simplicity. Segall’s book reveals what sets Apple apart from other technology companies and makes it stand out in a complicated world: a deep, almost religious belief in the power of simplicity. The purest expression of Steve Jobs’ unique viewpoint, it’s apparent in everything Apple does, from product design to advertising. Serving as Jobs’ ad agency creative director for both NeXT and Apple, Segall led the team that created Apple’s legendary Think Different campaign, which was an integral part of Apple’s transformation following Jobs’ return. Segall’s other clients have included technology giants such as Dell, Intel and IBM as well as consumer brands such as JCPenney. Harry McCracken, TIME’s Editor-at-large, has covered the technology beat for two decades, writing about the Web, mobile technology, consumer electronics and PCs for PC World, Macworld, CNET, and his own site, Technologizer. He will moderate a discussion with Segall about Apple, Steve Jobs and the art of marketing technology to the masses, from the inside out.
If you're stuck for something to watch tonight, grab a drink and settle in for this practically-movie-length interview. It's sure to be good viewing for any hardcore Apple fan. Enjoy! (If you can't see the above video, please click here.) Source: YouTube Via: 9to5Mac

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