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Freshly Packed Challenge Mode Now Ready For Checkout In Bag It!

Freshly Packed Challenge Mode Now Ready For Checkout In Bag It!

August 19, 2012
The unique puzzle game Bag It! has just bagged a brand new game mode. Bag It! is a game that cleverly combines Tetris with, well, groceries. In the game, you have to find ways to properly pack various cartoony grocery items into a paper bag before they’re checked out. Piece of cake, right? Think again. Bag It! employs a bit of physics in its gameplay. You see, as in real life, putting heavy and sturdy items on top of light and fragile ones will do you no good in Bag It! So, better reconsider your clumsy habit of putting your juicy watermelons on top of your boxes of eggs when playing Bag It! Bag It! has recently been updated, and in the new version of the game, two game modes are now available. The level-by-level Bag It! that long-time players have come to know and love is now under classic mode. The new layer of bagging fun that Bag It! has to offer, on the other hand, is accessible in a new challenge mode called Seedy’s Booty. Seedy’s Booty combines Tetris with groceries with matching. It’s a timed challenge mode in which you have to match similar grocery items still while taking into account the basic physical principles of bagging. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Promising pirate ships, sea monsters, and other loot-filled surprises, Seedy’s Booty has you collecting coins and using power-ups to advance in the game. You’re also encouraged to log in to the game using Facebook so that you can beat your friends in the burgeoning field of competitive bagging. In addition, the new challenge mode introduces a neat 3-D exploding effect, shown every time a match is made. Bag It! is currently available in the App Store as an iPhone-only app for $0.99 or as a universal app for $1.99. The new challenge mode is, of course, a free update for all existing Bag It! baggers. Arrr!

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