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Matching With Friends Gets Spruced Up With Improved Colors And Matching Effects

Matching With Friends Gets Spruced Up With Improved Colors And Matching Effects

August 14, 2012
Matching With Friends, which is part of Zynga’s growing family of “With Friends” social games, has just received a new update. According to the matchmaking development team behind Matching With Friends, this new update is “all about matching new, pretty things with those stunningly beautiful eyes of yours!” And as might be expected from Zynga’s playful changelog copywriters, the list of changes brought by the update is nothing if not chucklesome:
  • New bomb effects will delight and amaze! Looking at anything non-Matching afterward will make you weep with boredom!
  • New end-of-turn effects will make it feel like there's a private party just for your eyes! Your brain will tell your eyes to "keep it down in there, you young'uns!”
  • We tweaked the colors to be more easily discernible by those with color blindness. A certain percentage of our playing population is about to get a lot better! Look out!
  • Meet your match, even in another country! We've been working on localizing Matching into more languages!
  • We're leaving tasty bits of watermelon outside so bugs are leaving the app in droves!
The update is free for users who have purchased Matching With Friends. For new players, the newly updated Matching With Friends is available in the App Store for $2.99. Matching With Friends Free, the free but ad-supported edition of the game, is also available. But it hasn’t been updated with the abovementioned improvements as of this matching, I mean, writing.

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