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Meet Franc: An Effective Mobile Payments Solution For iPhone

Meet Franc: An Effective Mobile Payments Solution For iPhone

August 3, 2012
Though most of us are holding out for the launch of a mobile payments solution with the sixth-gen iPhone, one upcoming smartphone accessory promises to provide users with such a solution ahead of the new handset's launch. The accessory, called the "Franc," has launched recently on Kickstarter, and is available to back from $5 - though $20 preorders the accessory, provided it reaches its funding goal of $10,000. Essentially, the Franc allows users to clip a selection of their most important credit cards onto the back of their iPhone handset. Though it might not provide an NFC-powered mobile payments solution, fans using the Franc will find that they rarely leave an important card at home. As outlined on the accessory's Kickstarter page:
The franc snaps onto the back of the iPhone 4/4s firmly securing the cards to the iPhone.  There is foam padding on the backside of the franc that acts like a spring providing positive pressure even when the cards are removed. The franc is perfect for going out at night, working out at the gym, going on a run, hanging out at the beach, attending class, or holding RFID cards for easy access to secure locations.
Provided the project is funded, backers should receive their Francs around September. For more information, including the option of preordering your own Franc for $20, visit the accessory's Kickstarter page. Source: Kickstarter Via: 9to5Mac

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