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Only One Mutant Can Save Earth From Aliens In The Upcoming Game, Invader Eliminator

Only One Mutant Can Save Earth From Aliens In The Upcoming Game, Invader Eliminator

August 13, 2012

If there’s one type of game that I can always keep playing on my iDevices, it’s arcade-style games. You know, the ones with retro 8-bit (or even 16-bit) graphics, chiptunes, and simple but addictive gameplay. Oh, and you’ll be determined to beat your own high score, or even your friend’s. I was raised in the golden days of gaming, and thus grew fond of games like Pastry Panic and Unstoppable Fist.

And in Q1 2013, Underground Pixel will deliver yet again with Invader Eliminator.

The concept behind the game is simple, yet original: you will be in control of a genetically engineered mutant, who was created on a secret U.S. government space station on the moon. This station is soon threatened with an invasion of aliens, and you will have to use the mutant’s super strength and agility to save the station, and eventually, Earth. Sounds a tad ridiculous, right?

The gameplay is another one of the “easy to learn but difficult to master” types. The eliminator travels counter-clockwise around the screen to avoid the aliens, who somehow come through the ground (hey, anything is possible here). Since you’re on the moon, gravity doesn’t affect you, so you can be on walls and ceilings. The mutant can jump from walls or the ceiling to dodge aliens and get rid of them by crushing them from above. If you miss, the alien will be able to counter and one touch will end the mutant.

With each defeated invader, the player will earn a point. If you’re skilled enough, smashing multiple aliens in quick succession will earn even more points. Like other arcade games, it’s going to be all about timing.

The game will have various power-ups to help you in the war against these extraterrestrial creatures, and you can also unlock other guest characters to play as. There will be multiple locations, enemy types, retro pixel graphics, a fun chiptune soundtrack, and different game modes. Underground pixel will plan to have other player upgrades as well.

Invader Eliminator is anticipating a Q1 2013 launch for PC, Mac, and iOS. We’ll keep you posted on any new information of the game in the coming months, and I’ll have a review for you once the game is released.

If you’re curious about how the game will play, then check out this alpha footage on YouTube:

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