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OS X Pad HD Jailbreak Tweak: Turn Your iPad Into A Touchscreen Mac

OS X Pad HD Jailbreak Tweak: Turn Your iPad Into A Touchscreen Mac

August 15, 2012
Though a couple of jailbreak tweaks have the power to add a Mountain Lion-inspired Notification Center to jailbroken iPads, one jailbreak theme called "OS X Pad HD" can make your iPad look like a touchscreen Mac, according to iDownloadBlog. The website reports:
[OS X Pad HD] has a fully functional Finder bar with interactive menu options, a customizable dock, and editable folders that look just like real OS X folders. It almost seems more like a software upgrade than a theme.
As you can see in the below video, OS X Pad HD indeed works well. Practically everything works as advertised, allowing jailbreakers to interact with their iPad through the veil of an OS X-inspired theme. In order to download OS X Pad HD, jailbreakers need to first download DreamBoard (available for free), and also the free Theme Outlet Store package after adding "" to their list of Sources in the Cydia app. After doing this, users will be able to search the Theme Outlet for OS X Pad HD, which is available for $3.50. Enjoy!

(If you can't see the above video, please click here.)

Source: Lifehacker Via: iDownloadBlog

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