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Are You An Explosives Expert Like Bomber Dog?

Bomber Dog by Okay Games iconBomber Dog ($0.99) by Okay Games has you throwing bombs at monsters to save the once-peaceful Koro Town. You play as a dog who has decided to stand up to the monsters. A couple of well-placed bombs should help do the trick.
Bomber Dog by Okay Games screenshotMove the dog by using the left control “stick” at the bottom of the screen. Pick up the bombs to add them to your inventory. Once you have your target in sight, you tap the right side of the screen to bring up another stick for aiming how you throw the bomb. Throwing the bomb at a monster will knock it out just long enough for the bomb to explode it. Just like Project Boom the bombs have a three second fuse. The trick is to snipe the monsters because they will charge if they see you, just like in Prison Run. Hiding in tall grass works, as long as the monsters don’t patrol back and forth (which some of them do). The bombs can also be used to blow holes in walls for passing through. Since you’re limited by how many bombs you can pick up, you’ll want to choose how you use them. Will you be stuck if you don’t blast a certain wall? Can you sneak past the monsters? Or, even better yet, can you time the bomb to destroy the wall and the monster with one blast? Obviously you’ll want to be careful about not standing around the bomb for too long because you only have one life and you don’t want to lose it by your own hand. The graphics look like something out of a Nintendo 64 game, and the stick controls are just about as loose. There were many times during play that I did donuts as I tried to move in the direction I wanted, as well as losing because I couldn’t move the dog out of harm’s way fast enough. I think this game’s controls could use a little tightening, but otherwise, it is fun to play.
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