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Explosive Touch Required In Boom Land

August 31, 2012
Boom Land™ by Mirage-lab icon

Boom Land™ ($0.99) by Mirage-lab turns you into a demolitions expert on your iDevice.

Little known fact: Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite. He, however, did not invent this game. The fine folks at MIrage-lab did that. And while they didn’t invent dynamite, they’ve certainly found a good way to put it to use.

Boom Land™ by Mirage-lab screenshot

The setup is similar to Angry Birds, in that structures made of different building materials need to be obliterated.

Rather than lobbing birds at them (which is kind of silly, if you think about it), you place explosives at key points to make the structures collapse.

Winning the level depends on how much stuff you can smash. Strategically place your explosives in load-bearing spots and watch the structures collapse like a stack of Jenga blocks. A progress bar in the bottom corner advances as you raze the structure. The goal is to clear 90% or more of the materials.

Unlike Project Boom, which detonates bombs the moment they leave your touch, these explosives are activated by a shiny, bright red “boom” button.

Different explosives are offered with different properties. Dynamite can be placed anywhere they will fit, and will rest dormant until you hit the boom button. Bags of gunpowder need to be dropped in order to explode them.

Boom Land™ by Mirage-lab screenshot

The bombs have a fuse on them that will trigger once you hit the boom button. Each explosive has its pros and cons, which you’re able to experiment with as you play.

The best way to experiment is by switching between your different available options during a level. Sometimes you start with a combination of explosives, and sometimes you can gain an extra one by smashing a crate with a question mark.

With 72 levels spread across three different worlds, there’s certainly a lot of blowing up to be had. The game does a good job of starting off easy and getting you used to the different types of explosives.

Without a single green piggy around, this is the thinking man’s Angry Birds. A free version is available for those who would like to try it first.

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