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Diskobolos Keeps The Bed Bugs Away

Diskobolos Keeps The Bed Bugs Away

August 1, 2012
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Diskobolos ($0.99) by Conquering Bytes is an arcade style game that turns your iPad into a tabletop bug crusher. Tap your way to the highest score and prove to the world that you’re the Diskobolos champion.

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Players destroy the digital bugs that crawl around on the game board. To do so, tap the screen to release a disc. The longer you hold down before tapping, the faster the disc will fly. The goal is to earn as many points as possible. Players earn additional points for every bug that is squashed with a single disc. If a bug gets to the bottom of the screen, your game is over.

The strategy is to line up your disc so it will ricochet off of the wall first, then barrel over a line of bugs. The wall will give 2X points and each bug that you hit increases the multiplier by 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and so on.

There are black holes that appear on screen that will either help or hurt your game. The black holes trap discs on the screen. Players can only have two discs on the board at a time unless they activate the “3 Disks” item. If two of your discs get stuck in a black hole, release a third so that you can keep playing.

The good part about getting trapped in a black hole is that discs collect additional points the entire time they are stuck. For example, if your disc hits four bugs while on its way to getting stuck in a black hole, you will earn 16X multiplier. If, while stuck, a bug crawls across the hole, you will earn 32X when it dies. With proper strategies, you could rack up a lot of points by keeping your disc in limbo.

To get your disc out of a black hole, send another one at it. When the two collide, the hole disappears.

As you get better, you will move up in the ranks. You start as a beginner, move up to hobbyist, and then head for the champion spot. As you complete missions, such as “Destroy 20 missiles in one round,” you unlock special features that will help you earn more points in the game. For example, you can unlock “Slow Bounce,” which helps generate more combo bonuses.

This game is a riot. Fans of skills-based arcade games will love playing. The action is intense, the rewards are enticing, the graphics are retro, and the fun doesn’t stop. If you pick this game up, you will have a hard time putting it down. The price is perfect at only $0.99, and since the game is universal, you can play it on your iPad and iPhone whenever you like.

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