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Yes, The Fat Cat 'Can Has Cheezburger' In Dreamcat

Yes, The Fat Cat 'Can Has Cheezburger' In Dreamcat

August 7, 2012
DreamCat by Vellum Interactive icon

DreamCat ($0.99) by Vellum Interactive is an endless runner that features a fat cat dreaming about cheeseburgers. As they say, "Can haz?" In fact, it reminds me of Burger Cat, except it's fun on a different level.

When it comes to time-killers, endless runners are the way to go. I remember I used to always fire up Robot Unicorn Attack back in the day to waste a few minutes, sometimes hours. And here we are again, except instead of a unicorn, we're dealing with a, rather fat, cat. Meet Terrance.

DreamCat by Vellum Interactive screenshot

Dreamcat only features one game mode, but that’s all you need, right? It’s an endless runner, after all. Controls are simple — just tap on the left button to make Terrance jump. You can keep your finger on it to make him jump higher and longer, and tapping the button again while in midair will make Terrance do a double-jump. It’s elementary, right? Terrance can also do a dash to ram into things (and then jump right after), with the button on the right, as long as you have collected enough burgers.

What I like about Dreamcat are the colorful and imaginative graphics that look great on your Retina iDevice. This is a cat’s dreams, so of course it will be a little bit ridiculous, like the sun with the cat face. While the background visuals look fantastic, I kind of wish that the actual course of the game had a similar look. Instead, it’s kind of drab, since it’s just dirt and grass. But I guess that must be what Terrance is dreaming of.

As you run, you will gradually increase in speed, as you do in all runners. Along the way, make sure to pick up those tasty cheeseburgers to get a multiplier that increases your score. The game will end if Terrance fails to avoid an obstacle or falls off the screen.

DreamCat by Vellum Interactive screenshot

In addition to being multipliers, the cheeseburgers actually turn into the game’s currency, so you can use all of your burgers in the shop. Unfortunately, there are currently only three things that you can buy in there: two wallpapers and the other playable cat, “Lasagna Cat.” I’m not even sure if the Lasagna Cat has anything special about it, besides just being a skin. Hopefully more items can be added in the future, such as costumes for our feline friend. Or even power-ups to add a little spice.

If you’re the competitive type, then you’ll be glad to know that you can compete with friends through Game Center. There are also a lot of achievements to earn, so if you’re like me, you’ll keep playing and try to earn as many as you can.

Fans of the endless runner genre who love cats and cheeseburgers will definitely want to check out this game, whether it's for the cuteness or some laughs. I mean, how can you really resist a fat little cat that dreams of chasing burgers all day?

Now, if only burgers were really an acceptable form of currency …

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