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Blobs, Not Birds Fired In Jelly Cannon Reloaded

Blobs, Not Birds Fired In Jelly Cannon Reloaded

August 26, 2012
Jelly Cannon Reloaded by Chillingo Ltd icon

Jelly Cannon Reloaded ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd unites game developer Chillingo with children’s channel Nickelodeon to bring a squishy physics-based game.

The Blurblings are inky black blobs that became too reckless when they flew their airship into the big Sunjelly. The ship’s prow burst the Sunjelly into scores of tiny Sunjellies. To set things right, the Blurblings will need to use their cannon to help reunite the Sunjellies.

Jelly Cannon Reloaded by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

The level ends once all of the Sunjellies are united together to form an even bigger blob.

One of the biggest obstacles to this is having your own Blurblings coming between uniting two Sunjellies. The remedy for this lies in the fact that only five Blurblings will show on the screen at a time. Keep firing until the interfering Blurblings disappear.

The unique challenges set inside a stylized environment are reminiscent of another Chillingo title, Contre Jour.

Unlike Angry Birds, where you can destroy anything in sight, you actually need more precision.

For example, a delicate touch is needed for destroying the blocks of ice that hold some of the Sunjellies. Destroy the wrong blocks, and most likely the Sunjellies will tumble down a hole.

Firing the cannon isn’t as straightforward as you’d expect it to be. There are actually two ways of firing it. The first method is just tapping anywhere on the screen. How far away from the cannon you tap will determine how hard it fires.

The second method is the more familiar drag-your-finger-from-the-cannon-approach, with a strength indicator showing as you pull farther away from the cannon.

While this sounds like the better approach, it’s actually harder because it’s easy to lose sight of any obstacles that may get in the way of firing. Often there may be the edge of platforms that will totally mess up your trajectory.

Overall, this is definitely a cool game wrapped in a challenging package. Bounce on over to the App Store. Now.

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