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Will You Dishonor Your Ancestors In OrigamiGore?

OrigamiGore by Skunk Brothers GmbH icon

OrigamiGore ($0.99) by Skunk Brothers GmbH puts anime, a tower defense game, and Japanese gameshows all in a blender and mixes them in liquify mode. The end result? A smooth concoction that you feel a little guilty enjoying.

The game takes place on a gameshow stage, with a checkered floor and the castle wall at the bottom edge of the screen. Use the “squid turrets” to fire at the monsters that try to attack the castle.

OrigamiGore by Skunk Brothers GmbH screenshot

Simply swipe from the turret to the monster you’d like to smite, and it will shoot a squid in that direction. This is different from traditional tower defense games such as Fantasy Kingdom Defense because you have complete control over the turrets.

A progress bar circles around the turret to indicate that it’s reloading. The quicker you destroy the monsters, the more points you’ll earn. Also keep a lookout for coins that the monsters will drop.

Just like Plants vs Zombies, another crazy tower defense game, you need to tap the coins to retrieve them. Gather as many coins as you can because you’ll need them to buy goodies.

The store pops up between levels, where you can purchase a variety of things, including repairing or upgrading your castle, to adding more squid turrets and modifying them. Turret modifications include quicker reload times, different ammunition, and stronger blasts.

Campaign and survival modes are both offered, with three difficulty levels to choose from.

This game has the zaniness and fast gameplay of Knights of the Round Cable, making for an addictive gaming experience.

So go ahead and try your own OrigamiGore smoothie. Just watch out for the chunks of squid tentacle.

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