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Go For The Gold In PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted

Go For The Gold In PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted

August 6, 2012
PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted by Entropy Project icon

PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted ($0.99) by Entropy Project dovetails into the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. In fact, according to the story in this game, there wouldn’t even be an Olympics if not for our funny friend in a furry panda suit.

PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted by Entropy Project screenshot

It seems the Olympic Flame has extinguished. PandaBoy, seeing this on the news, immediately springs into action.

He begins his whirlwind world tour as he carries the torch toward London. Why does he have a torch handy, and why is he wearing a panda suit? I don’t think he knows us well enough to get into that.

But whatever the motive, PandaBoy makes a suitable candidate for carrying the torch. Starting off in China, he’ll travel through different countries until he reaches the finish line in London.

Gameplay takes place in a platform environment, with rings to help carry you through the levels. Gather the rings, just like Sonic the Hedgehog because they’re needed for clearing gaps between the platforms and to pick up bonuses or other rings.

What’s interesting about this game is that the player doesn’t control it’s not the character at all. Instead, you touch the screen to make a ring appear. Time placing the ring at the right time, and you can use the ring as a handhold for somersaulting (though there aren’t any judges for scoring your moves).

Watch out for the myriad of obstacles standing in PandaBoy’s way because he’ll lose his rings if he gets hit. While you can travel a fair distance without any intervention at all, you can’t go forever without using the rings.

Even without the Olympic thematics, this game is unique. Everything from the stylized graphics (similar to Crazy Freefall Ride) to the interesting spin on gameplay make this game take home the gold.

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