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Turn Your Buddies Into Desk Toys With Paper Me Pro

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Paper Me Pro ($1.99) by EggCall Soft is a toy maker that lets you turn yourself into a 3-D cutout doll. Create your avatar in any way you like, print it, fold it, and glue it. You’ll be playing with these paper buddies faster than you can get your real friends together for lunch.

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To create an avatar, pick a male or female and name it. Then, choose from 42 different hairstyles, 32 different eye options, and more than 20 nose, mouth and face shapes. Add facial hair, eyewear, clothing and accessories to create a mini version of yourself that you can share with others through Facebook or email.

You can use your newly created avatars as contact images, send them to friends through email for laughs or just start your own collection. The best way to display your customize character is by printing it out and making it into a paper toy.

Once you’ve created the avatar you would like to make into a paper toy, save it and tap the “Print” button. If you have an airplay-enabled printer, you can send the printable pattern directly to it. If not, just save it to your cameral roll and send it to yourself through email or Photo Stream.

The printable pattern will look like a flattened out version of the paper doll. Cut out the pieces, fold, and glue everything together to create a 3-D toy that you can display on your desk. Be the most popular employee at work by creating paper toys of all your coworkers.

Creating 3-D paper toys is not an easy task if you’ve never done it before. You have to know where to cut, fold, and glue. Luckily, these patterns are fairly easy to understand. I recommend using a stronger type of paper than regular 20-pound white. If you have access to resume paper, this is a perfect way to waste it.

This app is hilarious, entertaining, and the perfect way to pass the time when you are bored at work. Create a group of characters, print them out, and head to the office with your paper entourage. Lunchtime will be upon you before you know it. The price is a tad steep at $1.99, but for the amount of useless entertainment it offers, I’d say it is totally worth every penny.

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Turn Your Buddies Into Desk Toys With Paper Me Pro

Turn Your Buddies Into Desk Toys With Paper Me Pro