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Endless Eater Game Found In Super Fatty Plus

Endless Eater Game Found In Super Fatty Plus

August 14, 2012
Super Fatty Plus by 3dbit icon

Super Fatty Plus ($0.99) by 3dbit puts a guy on an eating binge. Just like Monstaa!, you’re in charge of feeding him.

Food is flying, just like you on your jetpack, and you’ll need to catch it to earn points. But make sure to only eat the junk food, as you would in Pastry Panic.

Super Fatty Plus by 3dbit screenshot

The more junk food you eat, the bigger you get, which means more points. Healthy food shrinks you and you won’t be able to score as many points.

After reading some epic pretext for the game about world hunger, food conjuring, and totem spirits, you're finally shown the tutorial, which walks you through the controls.

You can either swipe to where you want Fatty to go, tap a spot farther ahead for him to zip to it, or you can tilt.

Personally, I found the swiping method to be the best. You'll have to be comfortable with whichever mode you do choose because precision flying is required.

Cannons and flamethrowers will appear on the sides at different intervals, which will spell game over for your guy if he happens to touch them. As you progress through the levels you’ll also need to watch out for falling rocks.

This game seems to be one of opposites: eating healthy food is bad because you'll lose weight and thereby lose points, grabbing a torch item actually dims the level, and an invisibility bonus means you can't eat any food.

The store is available for buying different characters, jetpacks, and bonus items. Instead of grabbing coins throughout the levels, your currency is actually the cumulative amount of points you earn.

The flip side to this is the inflation of how much the items cost. For example, the robot character costs 1,000,000 points. Aside from the items, any purchases just add different aesthetics.

While the game is initially fun, the entertainment value doesn't long. Even the fact that the game is a different experience each time does little for the fact that the game is limited to just avoiding obstacles and eating junk food.

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