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You’ll Be X-ing Your Way To The Ultimate Win With TicToe Fury

You’ll Be X-ing Your Way To The Ultimate Win With TicToe Fury

August 15, 2012
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TicToe Fury ($1.99) by wOzy is an amped up version of the classic game with “Xs” and “Os” for the iPad. Not only do you have to win on a grid of nine, but you also have to capture nine quadrants to win a single game.

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Player One is always O and always goes first. Three of one letter in a row wins. That is about the end of traditional rules for the classic tic-tac-toe game. Here, players must also place their letter strategically to avoid giving the other player a chance to steal a win.

There are nine games on the board at one time. Players win one quadrant by placing three letters in a row. You can win horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Players must also capture three quadrants in a row in order to win the game.

The rules get even more complex than that. When you mark your square, your opponent has to play in the quadrant that represents that square. For example, if you mark an X in the middle square of any quadrant you are playing, your opponent must mark an O in the middle quadrant. If your opponent marks an O in the upper-right square of the middle quadrant, you must play in the upper-right quadrant on your next turn.

You can’t use the old logic to play this game. Players must be thinking two steps ahead or they will accidentally open up a quadrant that will let their opponent win.

There are three different ways to play, single player, multiplayer and online multiplayer. Regular multiplayer is pass-and-play style gaming. Online multiplayer uses Game Center to connect you with friends.

When I played against a random opponent using the online multiplayer mode, the game was way out of whack. Whenever I played an O, it turned into an X. Then, the app would either claim that I had won or lost the game, but when I tried to play a new online multiplayer game, the same one I was playing would show up, only the spots where my Os had turned into Xs were now Os again. Basically, the online multiplayer mode is useless until the developers fix it.

Other than the wonky online multiplayer mode, this game is lots of fun. It is perfect for solitary gamers looking for a mindless bit of fun, but is also a great way to play a game with a friend. The fact that it is an extreme version of the traditional game of tic-tac-toe makes it even better. The price tag is too high. The game should only be $0.99, but it is fun just the same. Hopefully, the developers will fix the glitch so we can compete against others online.

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