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Quirky App Of The Day: The Watch Makes It From The Big Screen To Your iDevice Screen

Quirky App Of The Day: The Watch Makes It From The Big Screen To Your iDevice Screen

August 18, 2012
The Watch: The Defenders is a game based on the movie "The Watch." While the original heroes form the movie are tied up at a party, you are the only one who stands between the Earth and utter destruction from alien invaders. Be glad this is a hypothetical situation because I have no talent in saving anything. I learned a new term while reviewing this app. It's called a tower defense game. I'm glad I finally have a word to match to the concept. I've reviewed other apps like this one, and I've loved playing them. The way to beat the game is to strategically place guns or alien orbs to take out the bad guys. Winning relies on a combination of overwhelming firepower and advantageous positioning. You really can't win without both of these. There's a line of numbers in the upper left corner. These are the different waves you have to defeat. The blue color is a basic infantry wave. The purple is a little more complicated. The green is the equivalent of a level boss. There's an item in each level that you're suppose to protect. If the enemy drains the health from the item, you lose the level. Theoretically, you failed to protect the earth as well. Great job. The level is marked on the map with a sticky note. If you beat the level without allowing any damage to the item you're suppose to protect, the box is checked off. There are also different modes associated with the levels that you can access once you get enough experience. Right now, I'm struggling with the basics. This is why I don't belong saving the world. The weapons upgrades are another interesting part of the game. There are two different currencies: cash and MGs. Some of the upgrades cost an initial payment of MGs before you can pay cash for them. MGs accumulate throughout the game, so it's not like you have to buy them. The Watch is in theaters now. So, if you're free over the weekend, head on over and check it out. You'll probably have a deeper appreciation for the game if you do. The Watch: The Defenders is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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