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Reverse Gravity? Control Electricity? Grow Into A Tree? The Meeblings Can Do All That And More!

Reverse Gravity? Control Electricity? Grow Into A Tree? The Meeblings Can Do All That And More!

August 17, 2012
Looking for a new physics-based puzzle game to suck your not-so-precious time? If so, then look no further than Ninja Kiwi’s Meeblings. In Meeblings, you have to guide groups of cute and cuddly creatures called meeblings toward the exit across 60 variously designed levels. To do this, you must be able to thoroughly learn the meeblings’ special abilities (or in the case of one type of meebling, lack thereof). As shown in the game’s help screen, the nine types of meeblings and their respective colors and properties are as follows:
  • Hereling, yellow: calls other meeblings
  • Thereling, blue: pushes away nearby meeblings
  • Sizzling, red: burns holes in the ground
  • Gravling, pink: reverses gravity
  • Homeline, brown: turns into an exit
  • Treebling, green: grows into a tree
  • Chameebling, white: can turn into any other meebling
  • Zapling, gray: turns electrical stuff off and on
  • Feebling, orange: can’t do anything
To activate a meebling, just tap and hold on it. Remember that you’re allowed to activate more than one meebling at the same time if need be. As you pass levels or replay them, you get to earn in-game currency called Gemlings. You can then use your Gemlings to unlock new content. As well, you can use them to get past particularly tricky levels by seeing solutions or skipping such levels altogether. Designed with colorful Retina graphics for both iPhone and iPad, Meeblings is available now in the App Store for free. I really wasn’t expecting much when I first launched Meeblings. But, truth be told, I ended up being impressed by its varied mechanics as well as its adorable meeblings. Meeblings is one bedazzling game.

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