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Take A Trip Down Retro Gaming Memory Lane With Activision Anthology

Take A Trip Down Retro Gaming Memory Lane With Activision Anthology

August 30, 2012
Earlier this month, Activision released Pitfall! for iOS, which turned out to be a Temple Run-inspired endless runner far removed from the original Atari 2600 game. Now, Activision has released the real Pitfall! for iOS, as part of its new iOS title called Activision Anthology. Activision Anthology is a unique compilation that contains Activision’s entire Atari 2600 back catalog faithfully ported to the iOS platform. As mentioned, Activision Anthology offers the original version of Pitfall! But all in all, it offers access to 45 classic Activision and Imagic games. These include River Raid, Barnstorming, Stampede, Enduro, Demon Attack, and even Pitfall! II. Note, however, that the aforementioned games and the other classic titles in Activision Anthology are available through an in-app purchase amounting to $6.99. Except the action classic Kaboom!, that is, which is included in Activision Anthology for free. Activision Anthology features multiple control schemes and full Game Center integration. It even includes such extras as original cartridge and box art plus game manuals, tips, and strategies. Moreover, it lets you earn digital versions of the popular Activision game patches offered in the 1980s. Optimized for both iPhone and iPad, Activision Anthology is available now in the App Store for free. Feeling nostalgic?

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