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TV Show Tracker Rnewde Gets Renewed Into A New App Called - Wait For It - Renewed

TV Show Tracker Rnewde Gets Renewed Into A New App Called - Wait For It - Renewed

August 20, 2012
A couple of weeks ago, we clued you in on the then imminent renewal of the TV show tracking app Rnewde. Now, the time has come: Renewed, the rebranded, new version of Rnewde, has premiered in the App Store. Renewed is essentially version 2.0 of Rnewde, an app that tells you whether a TV show is likely to be canceled or renewed. But far more than a version that improves the existing features of the old app, Renewed is a major refresh that introduces a number of significant, new features. First and foremost, whereas Rnewde was designed for iPhone and iPod touch only, Renewed is equipped with universal support. This means that the app is optimized for iPad as well as iPhone and iPod touch. Renewed is also decked out with full support for the third-generation iPad’s Retina display. And I’m telling you, not unlike the cinematography in “Breaking Bad,” Renewed on a Retina iPad is just gorgeous. Moreover, Renewed lets you know where you can watch your favorite shows online. It does so with its integration with popular video streaming apps including Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, and, of course, iTunes. Speaking of watching your favorite shows, Renewed has a neat new feature called “I’m Watching.” “We ask you to tell us ‘I’m Watching’ not as a checkin, share, or tweet but as a statement,” explains Renewed developer Ironsoft Studios. “We want to show how many fans really are watching.” But if an actual checkin, share, or tweet is what you want to do, you’re free to do that too in Renewed. Renewed lets you easily check in to GetGlue and Miso. It also lets you post an update on Twitter using the official hashtag of a show and share your app activity on Facebook. Renewed for iPhone and iPad is available now in the App Store for free. Download the app now and use it well toward keeping your favorite shows on the air. You certainly don’t want another ill-advised cancellation like “Arrested Development” to happen, do you?

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