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UX Write's First Update Adds A Bunch Of Great, New Features

UX Write's First Update Adds A Bunch Of Great, New Features

August 10, 2012
Last month, we told you about UX Write: a Pages alternative that offers users a powerful word processor for iDevices. Now, the application has received an update to version 1.01, adding a slew of new features including external keyboard support, auto-correct, dictation and more. As outlined in the app's release notes, new features added in this version of UX Write include:
  • Auto Correct support for the following languages (based on the built-in iOS dictionaries): Danish, Dutch, Australian/Canadian/UK/US English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
  • Full external keyboard support, including all keyboard shortcuts
  • Proper handling of text entry in Korean
  • Auto Save (currently occurs every 3 minutes)
  • Dictation (on supported devices)
  • Ability to enable or disable numbering for specific headings
In addition, the following bugs have been squashed:
  • Inability to edit built-in table style
  • Applying direct formatting within a table cell messing up column widths
  • Several crashes during typing and selection
Finally, the application's developer has added an optional "toggle" mode for the virtual trackpad, and the ability to scroll through the document using the virtual trackpad. If you're in the market for a word processor app and don't like Apple's own Pages application, take a look at the recently updated UX Writer. Plus, there's no time like the present - because up until August 27, iDevice owners can download the application for just $5.99 (that's 60 percent off the app's usual price). Enjoy!

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