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We Now Present To You The Crowd-Friendly Version Of PDF Expert For iPad

We Now Present To You The Crowd-Friendly Version Of PDF Expert For iPad

August 9, 2012
Readdle's PDF Expert for iPad has been through plenty of changes and received numerous enhancements to both document management and editing during its existence. For v4.2, Readdle made a few improvements to current features, but primarily focused on a new capability that will help PDF Expert be much more useful in sharing information to groups of people. Appropriately titled, the Presentation mode provides tools to more cleanly and effortlessly present content via external screens and projectors. When your iPad is connected to an external video system, there will be a new toolbar displayed at the bottom of the document viewing and editing window. This toolbar offers easy access to enabling and disabling the feature, output mode selection, and the focus tool. The modes can be changed on-the-fly and offer different characteristics to cover almost any requirement. Screen Mirroring is self explanatory, sending the iPad's screen contents as is to the external video system, including zoom and all functions. In comparison, both the Document and Screenshot modes display document pages in full without UI elements or zoom on the external video, retaining full control of the document on the iPad. So, what differentiates Document and Screenshot? Document mode shows changes in real-time, whereas Screenshot allows for a delay. When Screenshot mode is activated, the external video isn't updated, that is, until a different output mode is chosen. Therefore, the presenter can make modifications, such as annotations to the current page or even select a different document without the change being pushed to viewers. All three output modes allow full editing and use of the focus tool. The focus tool is meant to work like a laser pointer, but better. When the focus tool is active, just outline or strike through an area you wish to highlight. The remaining portion of the page will be dimmed, forcing the chosen area to stand out dramatically. With the focus tool still active, alternate areas can be rapidly highlighted as desired. Disable the tool to return to normal editing and navigation. Now that we've covered the major addition, here are the smaller changes noted by Readdle for PDF Expert v4.2:
  • We have added several very useful small features that you might need.
  • We have included twice more colours for your annotation needs.
  • You can now use "Insert Image" fields in XFA PDF forms for adding photos.
  • Now JavaScript this.numFields, this.getNthFieldName(i) functions are supported
  • We have fixed a problem with copy & paste pages between documents and several other important issues.
  PDF Expert for iPad is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later, and available in the App Store for $9.99.

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