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Apple Announces Changes To iPhone Connector

Apple Announces Changes To iPhone Connector

September 12, 2012
Just as we suspected, Apple announced that the traditional 30-pin connection port is no more. In its place, the new iPhone is equipped with a smaller, eight-pin connector. Thanks to photo leaks from French-language website NoWhereElse, we were able to get a good look at what the new connector port would look like.

It is called “Lightning.” The new dock connector is 80 percent smaller, all digital, and reversible.

Recently, we heard through the pipeline that Apple going to be the only official source for accessories relating to the smaller docking connectors.  Because the company had not released any component or engineering details to manufacturers ahead of the announcement, it was believed that Apple didn’t want to let third-party accessory makers in on the secret. However we heard today that Bose, JBL, B&W, B&O and many more are already working on new docks and speakers.

It is also believed that Apple will be the sole provider of 30-pin dock connector adaptor that would allow the new iPhone to work with pre-existing accessories.  It is more likely that this will be the case as Apple has held proprietary rights on dock connectors in the past. It was mentioned that Apple would have an adaptor available, but there was no mention as to whether any other companies would be supplying third-party adaptors. Apple’s product announcement event is still taking place. Follow the announcements with us here.

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