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Casual Puzzle Game Space Holiday Rockets Into The App Store Later This Month

September 5, 2012
While I have trouble getting excited about new puzzle games, the upcoming Space Holiday really does look like fun. Coming from developer Powerful Robot Games, the title combines both line drawing and puzzle solving with a space-themed adventure. Space Holiday sees players helping Nico on his quest through the galaxy, traveling to the far reaches of the stars for a vacation. Players must connect all of the visible stars to open a portal for Nico to fly to the next level. If any asteroids are included in the star formation, the portal will refuse to open. There will be multiple solutions for each of the 80 levels. Along the way, players can take advantage of special powerful stars, like the Ninja, Plunger, and Angel, to help clear each level. Here’s a quick trailer for the game. Click here if you can’t see the video. There will be three versions of Space Holiday when it hits the App Store on Sept. 13. The iPhone/iPod touch version will be $0.99 while the iPad optimized version will cost $1.99. Gamers can also get a taste of the title with the free version for the iPhone and iPad that features nine playable levels. And keep a look out as we’ll have a full review soon after the title goes live next week in the App Store. If you’re interested in similar apps, take a look at our Games For Puzzle Lovers AppList.

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