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Dolphin Browser Is Swimming In A Sea Of Features Both Old And New

Dolphin Browser Is Swimming In A Sea Of Features Both Old And New

September 28, 2012
Dolphin Browser, a popular Safari alternative for iPhone, has received another update. As expected, the update delivers a number of new features. But it also brings back a couple of old ones. These old features were effectively taken out of the app following its substantial 6.0 update last month. If you'll recall, Dolphin Browser 6.0 introduced, among many other features, auto fullscreen. Auto fullscreen automatically hides the bottom bar along with the address bar as you scroll down a webpage. Apparently, many users aren't too glad with auto fullscreen. And so, starting with the new version of Dolphin Browser, auto fullscreen is now optional. Another thing introduced in Dolphin Browser 6.0 that many users aren't too keen on using is the right tab sidebar. And so, that is also made optional in the newly updated Dolphin Browser. If you choose not to use the right tab sidebar, you get to revert to using the app's Chrome-like top tabs instead. Speaking of tabs, switching between them is said to be much faster in Dolphin Browser. More notably, they can now be synced across devices à la iCloud Tabs. Also now able to be synced across devices is your browsing history. And as you can notice in the app's screenshots, Dolphin Browser is now also optimized for the new iPhone 5's four-inch screen. The latest version of Dolphin Browser is available now in the App Store for free. Do you use Dolphin Browser instead of Safari? [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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