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East Coast Pixels Serves Three Times The Goodness With PhotoToaster v4.0

East Coast Pixels Serves Three Times The Goodness With PhotoToaster v4.0

September 4, 2012
Prior to PhotoToaster being featured in the graphic design installment of App Synergy, we posted about the app's big v3.0 release, which included new preset filter effects, photo management, and noise reduction. For v4.0, East Coast Pixels has made improvements to the lighting brushes and the effects selection user interface, plus added a borders and textures package. In addition, AppAdvice has once again teamed up with East Coast Pixels in order to offer you a chance to win a promo code. Designed for novices and professionals, PhotoToaster offers both automatic photo adjustments and effects as well as numerous manual controls. To optimize each process, the app is separated into six main work areas: effects and overall adjustments, crop, rotate, straighten, remove noise, and lighting brushes. Always at the starting point, the effects and overall adjustments area should be considered "home" in regard to navigation. Accessing the other work areas along with undo, redo, back/cancel, and help is done via the top toolbar. At the bottom, each area has its own set of tools and controls that provide the most efficient workspace for the specific task. Here is the complete list of top features as noted by East Coast Pixels:
  • 60 one click effects that can instantly improve or completely alter a photo (Clarify, Cross Process, Bleach Bypass, Sketch, Deep Focus,…)
  • 80 one click settings in Lighting, Fx, Vignette, Texture and Border categories that allow more creative control
  • 24 live slider controls that allow for exacting control of all image adjustments
  • Professional level lighting adjustments to lighten shadows and recover highlights
  • Sophisticated Noise reduction to remove unwanted grain in low light photos
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Blazing performance (dual core support)
  • Recent edits list that maintains recently edited photos
  • Save your own presets
  • Crop, rotate, flip and straighten
  • Complete EXIF support
  • Many border and texture options
  • Multiple undo
  • High resolution output
  • Save to album, e-mail, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr
  • Send a real Postcard with Sincerely
  Even though the update is free for those who already own PhotoToaster, others have the opportunity to get this handy photography app for just $0.99, a limited time 50 percent discount, or even try to acquire a copy for no cost. To have a chance at winning one of five PhotoToaster promo codes, leave a relevant comment below before Sep. 4 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Only one entry per person is allowed. Please be sure to also check your junk email boxes. [gallery link="file"]

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