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Instapaper Becomes Even More Readable Than Readability Itself

Instapaper Becomes Even More Readable Than Readability Itself

September 25, 2012
Not a week after its upgrade that mainly brought iOS 6 and iPhone 5 optimization, Instapaper has already received a follow-up update. At first glance, the update's release notes seem to relate nothing more than a couple of bug fixes. Sure, the update does bring some of those, particularly for iOS 6 users who might have been experiencing issues with email composing and the search sheet on iPad. But more than those, the update brings another improvement that goes toward making Instapaper more accessible. In his blog post about the addition of the dyslexic user-friendly Open-Dyslexic font to Instapaper last week, developer Marco Arment wrote:
Many people use Instapaper for improved accessibility, especially customers with low or no vision. Given what Instapaper does — capture any web page and present it in a consistent, adjustable, customer-controlled environment — it’s a natural fit for bringing improved accessibility and legibility to anyone who needs it.
And with the app's latest update, Arment is enhancing Instapaper's accessibility and legibility an extra notch with the addition of another new font option. The new font is called FS Me. Designed and endorsed by Mencap, FS Me helps users with learning disabilities read better and, consequently, more — whether now or later. You can get the new version of Instapaper now in the App Store as a free update or as a new $3.99 download. Instapaper has become so accessible and legible, maybe we should just call it Readability. Oh, right. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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