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It's Not Just You: There's A Hole In My Pocket App Too

It's Not Just You: There's A Hole In My Pocket App Too

September 30, 2012
Is it just me or is the Pocket app wonky at the moment? If you're a frequent user of Pocket, the popular app formerly known as Read It Later, then you might be asking the same question yourself. A couple of weeks ago, Pocket, like its fellow read-later apps Instapaper and Readability, got updated with optimization for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Then, just yesterday, Pocket got updated again. Yesterday's update, Pocket 4.2.1, contained a fix to a crash when restoring data from an iCloud backup on iOS 6 or an iPhone 5. But, apparently, it also contained a bug that could lead to such issues as crashes upon launch and loading errors. Having been made aware of the bug by a considerable number of users, the team behind Pocket has already addressed the issues through the app's next update. That update, Pocket 4.2.2, is already being reviewed by Apple. Also, to prevent users who are still on earlier versions from unwittingly upgrading to the faulty 4.2.1 version, Pocket has been temporarily removed from the App Store. Expect the app to reappear as soon as the 4.2.2 patch is approved by Apple, at which time you can start reading the stuff you've Pocketed on your iDevice again. We thank Pocket user and AppAdvice reader Mike for the tip!

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