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Just Got That Shiny New iPhone 5? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Just Got That Shiny New iPhone 5? Here's Everything You Need To Know

September 21, 2012
Just got your new iPhone today, huh? Whether you're in need of an iPhone 101 course, or are just looking to brush up on your iOS knowledge, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our tip, tricks, and tutorials: How To Enable New Emoji (Smiley Faces) In iOS 6 Enabling the Emoji keyboard on your iPhone 5 will add cute little smiley faces and icons to your messages. It's the perfect way to express how you feel without words. Passbook: First Look And Apps That Work With It Passbook allows iPhone users to store various tickets, boarding passes, gift cards, and more in one place. How To Use Panorama Camera Mode Your iPhone 5 has the ability to capture 240 degree panoramic photos. It's built right into the Camera app, and the results are absolutely amazing. How To Create Location Based Reminders Using location based Reminders is a great alternative to scheduling tasks based on a specific time. Setup your iPhone to reminder when you’ve arrived at, or left, a specific location. You can also use Siri to help you setup reminders without even touching your screen. Turn A Few Characters Into A Phrase With iOS Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts on your iPhone will help cut down on the time it takes to type long phrases. Create Custom Signatures For Each Email Account Have you setup an email account on your new iPhone 5? Learn how to create custom email signatures for each account in the Mail app. How To Answer Every Call On Speakerphone If you’re the type of person who uses speakerphone a lot, there’s actually a way to automatically activate it when answering a call. Be sure to check out our iOS Advice column in its entirety. It’s packed with tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you get familiar with some of the great features your device has to offer. You can subscribe to the RSS feed and have these tips and tricks delivered right to your favorite reader. Have a minute to spare? Check out our rundown of iOS 6 in under 60 seconds below. Alternatively, you can catch the full overview of iOS 6 here.

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