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Minecraft - Pocket Edition Promises Chests, Beds And Creepers Galore!

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Promises Chests, Beds And Creepers Galore!

September 6, 2012
A bunch of scam apps claiming to have graphics and gameplay similar to it have been making the rounds lately, but there’s really only one Minecraft - Pocket Edition. The popular sandbox-building game developed by Mojang has been a huge hit since its release in November last year. And now, it’s set to become an even bigger hit thanks to its new major update. Minecraft for iOS has just been updated to version 0.4.0, thereby earning chests, beds, and creepers, among others. The new version of Minecraft for iOS brings the following improvements:
  • Chests for storing items!
  • Beds for skipping to dawn (day and nights are now longer), and set your spawn point to the bed's position.
  • Creepers and TNT (use flint and steel to ignite)!
  • Added food. Eat it to restore health.
  • Farming; wheat, seeds and hoe.
  • Peaceful mode setting: healing and no monsters.
  • Trapdoor, new dyes and a few new recipes.
  • More: close to 20 bug fixes and tweaks, e.g. monsters spawned when bright, client fall damage.
Of course, this major update is free for all existing players of the game. Otherwise, the new version of Minecraft - Pocket Edition is available now in the App Store as a $6.99 universal download.

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