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Ness Dining Guide Now Served With iPhone 5 Support And More

Ness Dining Guide Now Served With iPhone 5 Support And More

September 21, 2012
Apple regularly features apps that are worthy of note in the App Store. And on the occasion of the official release of the iPhone 5, it has recommended a number of apps duly optimized for the new device’s four-inch Retina screen. As it happens, one of these apps does some recommending of its own: Ness Dining Guide. Ness Dining Guide, or Ness for short, is an app that offers personalized recommendations of restaurants you might love. These recommendations are based on none other than your own tastes, which the app learns every time you rate a restaurant. Think of Ness as Pandora for food. As mentioned, Ness has been updated to take advantage of the added real estate in the latest-generation iPhone. Also, it now supports iOS 6, which was officially released just a couple of days. But that’s not all. Ness has also been updated with the following significant improvements:
  • Create an account without Facebook: Now you can sign up using just your email.
  • Map View: More clearly marked at the top of your search results. Pan and zoom to quickly find places you'll love nearby.
  • Map View (Bonus): Tap a restaurant's address to open up a quick map within Ness. Tap the car to get detailed directions.
  • Profile Settings: Change your username, Facebook & Foursquare connections, and profile picture.
  • Find Friends: More easily find and follow your friends, or invite them to Ness.
The new, Apple-recommended, iPhone 5-ready version of Ness Dining Guide is available now in the App Store for free. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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