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New Video Goes Hands-On With Convincing Sixth-Gen iPhone Mockup

New Video Goes Hands-On With Convincing Sixth-Gen iPhone Mockup

September 3, 2012
GSM Israel posted an interesting sixth-gen iPhone mockup this weekend, which the website reportedly found at IFA '12. Since, The Verge has managed to track down the same mockup, and has made a similar hands-on video that shows off the faux-iPhone in all its glory. Reports the website:
We were told volume production of the form-fitting cases has already begun, with a view to shipping to retailers in a week's time. The mockup we got to see today confirms absolutely nothing about Apple's plans, but at least one company is confident enough in the dimensions on show to start producing accessories for the expected iPhone 5.
Based on the countless sixth-gen iPhone rumors we've already told you about, this new mockup sports a bigger screen, a smaller dock, grill speakers and more. Folks are expecting Apple to unveil the new model at a special event on September 12, though as of yet, no invitations have reached the press. Below, we've embedded the aforemtnioned video for your viewing pleasure. If you have any thoughts on the mockup, feel free to share them below.

(If you can't see the above video, please click here.)

Source: The Verge

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