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Pocket Army Gets A Heaping Load Of New Goods

Pocket Army Gets A Heaping Load Of New Goods

September 15, 2012
Launched earlier this summer, Pocket Army is an enjoyable combination tower defense and role-playing game of medieval soldiers. Today, the app had its first major update, v2.0, and the new release includes lots of fun new content. Originally packed with plenty of content for both online and offline play, Pocket Army contains dozens of levels, a slew of characters, several environments, and numerous upgrades, plus a less traditional approach to gameplay.
Pocket Army has its own interesting gameplay. Players start out by choosing their colors and gender. The first level is very simple. You send your warrior out to kill a demon. Bam. The second and third levels are also simple. They are all training levels. The game will prompt you to train soldiers, buy and equip weapons and armor, and fight the evil invaders. Eventually, you’ll be fighting epic bad guys for rare loot, saving villagers from demons in mini games, and shoring up your defenses by building a bigger, stronger army.
In v2.0, there's plenty more to utilize, plus some general improvements. And without further delay, here's the full list of changes provided by Pine Entertainment:
  • 2 NEW SOLDIER TYPES: Fighter and Assassin.
  • NEW EVENT: Captain Pirate (International Talk Like A Pirate Day)
  • NEW EVENT: The Lost Pirates (International Talk Like A Pirate Day)
  • NEW EVENT: Lucifer (Fight with your friend, side by side)
  • NEW MAP: Sandland
  • NEW QUEST: Tons of new quests are added.
  • Max level increasing!
  • Crash bug fixing in tutorial.
  • Improve AI!
  • Lower goal for GEM FELIX event!
  • The Gem Felix is also purchasable in Shop!
  • Lower price of all Felixes.
  • Adjust training time of a soldier.
  • Push notification is now without sound.
  • Crash bug fixing while challenging a random player.
  • Crash bug fixing while doing a Facebook Feed
  • Improved English.
  • Some other minor bug fixes.
  So, be sure to get the update or jump in on the action for free. Pocket Army is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or later.

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