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Add Em Up Adventure Found In Additio

Add Em Up Adventure Found In Additio

September 3, 2012
Additio by icon

Additio ($0.99) by is a matching game unlike what you may be used to. Instead of simply trying to get three items in a row by swapping positions, such as in the Zepi series, you have to earn the match by adding up tiles (literally).

The game is played by adding up adjacent numbered tiles on a grid. Number one tiles are used for adding up, so they won’t count as a match on their own. On the other hand, you can’t add tiles that will go above the highest tile value as dictated by the level.

Additio by screenshot

At times the game can be slow as you look for tiles to add together. However, there are also times when you don’t need to do anything because matches will keep falling on top of each other once you clear some of the tiles.

Selecting the different levels will change the size of the game board. Anywhere from a 3 x 3 board on level one to a 5 x 5 board on level six can be selected right from the beginning. There’s no need to unlock the higher levels.

Three game modes are available: hi-score attack (score as many points as you can in five minutes), time attack (reach 1,000 points as quickly as possible), and free play.

In truth, five minutes feels like too long for the hi-score attack mode, and having all the time in the world to reach 1,000 points is a race you can run at your own pace. The challenge resides in revisiting the level to best your high score.

Those wanting a different kind of challenge can configure free play mode to his or her liking. Board size, tile values, and time or score limits can all be modified.

This is a fun game for not only matching fans, but also puzzle fans as well. The tiles’ graphics look bright and crisp, with a nice wooden motif.

Those looking for a mathematic puzzle matching game really have it made. Regardless, this game strives to turn the matching genre on its head, just like Birzzle, and all of the changes add up.

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