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If You Are Having Naruto Withdrawal Let Anime Doctor Give You A Fix

If You Are Having Naruto Withdrawal Let Anime Doctor Give You A Fix

September 25, 2012
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Anime Doctor (Free) by Pulled Strings, LLC is an information database for almost everything you need to know about Japanese animation cartoons. From the original anime beauty, “Sailor Moon,” to current titles, like “Black Cat,” you’ll find all of your favorites in one convenient app.

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Fans of anime will enjoy scrolling through thousands of shows, each with its own summary, rating, and character bios. Learn about alternative titles, original airdates, and browse through related and similar anime.

The featured page uses a side-scrolling image gallery with 10 popular titles. To read up on a particular show, tap the “More Info” button. In this section, you’ll see detailed information about the series, plus a link to the official website.

Tap the “Episodes” tab to see the name of every episode in the series in every language that it is available. Tap the “Characters” tab to read about specific characters and see pictures and names of their related voice actors. To find out the behind-the-scenes info on writers, animators and composers, tap the “Creators” tab.

You can browse through more than 7,000 titles or search for a specific one. If you find an anime you like, add it to your favorites so you can access it easily at a later time. You can memorize the names of every character, every episode title, and every spinoff. Your friends will bow to your superior anime knowledge.

There is no denying that this app is stuffed full of facts about practically every anime ever made. However, if you are looking for high quality images, you will be disappointed. When you access the character pages, the pictures are blurry and stretched out.

Even though this would require thousands of man-hours, I’d also like to see a summary of each episode instead of just the title. Just knowing the name of the tenth episode of the first season of Black Butler doesn’t do much for me. I want to read about what happened.

While this app could use a little more, it is certainly a definitive guide to anime. If you have an affinity for gigantic pupils and short skirts, you should download this app. You’ll be the most knowledgeable cosplayer at the next anime convention.

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