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Civil War: 1863 Will Let You Relive Historic Battles Fought On U.S. Soil

Civil War: 1863 Will Let You Relive Historic Battles Fought On U.S. Soil

September 7, 2012
Civil War: 1863 by Hunted Cow Studios Ltd. icon

Civil War: 1863 ($1.99) by Hunted Cow Studios Ltd. is a turn-based strategy game full of historical information that you can use to help you defeat the enemy. Keep the Confederates at bay and overtake their control points to help the Union win the war.

Civil War: 1863 by Hunted Cow Studios Ltd. screenshot

Players control the Union army during the Civil War. Fight to push back the enemy or defend your outpost against invading Confederates. Your strategy is important. If you lead your army astray, you will be defeated.

To set your soldiers to work, tap a unit to select it. Each battle has a different scenario and a different lineup of soldiers. Sometimes, you will only command infantry units and sometimes a cavalry unit or two will be involved. When you tap a unit, you will be able to move your soldiers , command them to fire their weapons, dismount their horses, form up, and more.

Once you’ve moved your units into position and fired on the enemy, it is your opponent’s turn. You can play against a friend in pass-and-play style multiplayer gaming, or play against a computer-generated opponent.

The game comes with 16 different battle scenarios. The “First Strike” section is a how-to guide. The eight levels will explain movement and commands, but also offer tips on the best way to beat the enemy. The “Hoorah!” section includes eight scenarios that represent real battles from the Civil War. Players can add two more sections for an in-app purchase of $0.99 each.

This is a fun game for war history buffs and fans of turn-based strategy games. The scenarios are challenging enough to keep you working hard to win each battle, but not so difficult that you don’t want to fight. The game is half-off at $1.99 during its introductory launch, which is a reasonable price to pay for only 16 battles. However, at the full price, the game is much too expensive considering additional scenarios cost more money on top of it. I suggest you get it while it is on sale. It is not worth four bucks.

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