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No Tojo The Rojo In Find The Way

No Tojo The Rojo In Find The Way

September 16, 2012
Find the Way by Anthony Najjar icon

Find the Way ($0.99) by Anthony Najjar tests how quickly you can find your way out of a natural labyrinth.

You control a pentagonal-eyeball-thingy that resembles Petit from Contre Jour, and are on the lookout for rare artifacts and the way to exit the level.

Find the Way by Anthony Najjar screenshot

Each level begins with a set time that starts ticking away the moment you start. Little blue floating gems will grant you more time, while red ones will take time away. Yellow cubes with a hexagonal halo serve as the artifacts.

The trick to this game is that you need to memorize the correct way to navigate the maze in order to reach the exit. Just “winging it” is an option, too, though you may be doomed to multiple passes (especially if you keep bumping into the red gems).

If time runs out, the screen will turn black, and you’re back to square one.

Two methods of control are available: tilting or swiping. With tilting selected, you’ll need to spin your iDevice in every direction to make the guy move, just like in Monstaaa!.

After first playing this mode as the default, I was just about ready to shut the app down. The control is so loose and tedious that I was totally off-put by the game.

Find the Way by Anthony Najjar screenshot

However, my attitude toward this game changed drastically switching to touch mode.

While you’ll need to constantly swipe at the screen, the trade off is that you gain much more control and don’t need to putz around with orienting your iDevice. Swiping gave me time to enjoy the game.

Another way to practice moving is by selecting the other mode, timed run. In this mode you simply have to reach the end of the level with the most time earned. You can focus more on controlling the guy rather than looking for artifacts or multiple paths.

For free (today, that is), this app is certainly worth a look (especially by a pentagonal-eyeball-thingy).

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