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You’ve Never Seen Jon Arbuckle’s Cat Run So Fast In Garfield’s Defense

You’ve Never Seen Jon Arbuckle’s Cat Run So Fast In Garfield’s Defense

September 11, 2012
GarfieldGarfield's Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders (Free) by Web Prancer is a castle defense game where the fridge is your castle and you must help Garfield defend his precious lasagna against an invasion of extraterrestrials that want to steal all the food in order to take over the world.
GarfieldPlayers start off with Garfield and his pal Sheldon. Garfield whacks the meatball-resembling aliens with his newspaper while Sheldon kicks them. In true castle defense fashion, it costs five energy points, or in this case - popcorn kernels, to send him into battle. As you fight, you will pick up extra popcorn to speed up Sheldon’s generation time, as well as cookies that you can use in the store to upgrade Garfield and his pals. As you successfully complete stages, new friends are unlocked, new weapons become available, and special power-ups can be used. Eventually, you’ll be able to bring up to five friends into battle with Garfield. Some are faster. Some are stronger. Some can throw things. You’ll be sending the likes of Nermal, Odie, Booker, and Arlene into the battlefield. You can use your cookies to upgrade Garfield, his weapon, his friends, and other defensive devices. For example, you can pepper your house with The Lanolin brothers, who throw buckets at the aliens, while Squeak hides behind the furniture and throws stale bread at them. The stages grow progressively more difficult. At first, players tackle the meat men by themselves, but as things heat up, the aliens show up in armor made of cakes, ice cream cones, pizza pies, and more. The bigger they are, the harder it is to defeat them. This is a “freemium” game. Once you get to stage 15, it becomes nearly impossible to keep the aliens from getting to the fridge without major upgrades. Those cost plenty of cookies. Without a lot of patience and a well-planned strategy, you won’t be able to get much further without an in-app purchase.
Even though you are destined to pay real cash for upgrades in this game, it is worth it. The graphics would make Jim Davis proud and Garfield’s voice is remarkably similar to Lorenzo Music, who voiced the fat cat for the late '80s television cartoon, “Garfield and Friends.” If you like castle defense games and have an affinity for lasagna-loving orange tabbies, you will not be disappointed.

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