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Save The Bad Guy From The Good Guys In Lich Defense

Save The Bad Guy From The Good Guys In Lich Defense

September 15, 2012
Lich Defense by Jellyoasis Inc. icon

Lich Defense ($1.99) by Jellyoasis Inc. is your standard tower defense game. Just like Pets Vs Orcs, this game has a very solid Warcraft III feel to it. Everything from the central character being a lich to the obviously similar graphics pays homage to Warcraft.

Lich Defense by Jellyoasis Inc. screenshot

A royal wizard in charge of protecting the door of the Devil world realizes that it’s up to him to transform into a lich in order to eternally protect others from accessing the door.

But the silly humans don’t realize this and want to not only get to the door, but destroy the lich in the process.

Each level has a set amount of waves, which will have different human types bent on attacking you. That’s where the building towers part comes in.

Deploy different types of towers along the humans‘ path in order to smite them. Each dead human means more MP (magic points?) to use for building more towers. Fans of traditional tower defense games, such as Fantasy Tower Defense HD know the drill.

The human creeps come in different flavors, such as being magical or physical. Basically the idea is to use physical towers against magical humans and vice versa. Other options for towers are available as well, such as anti-air and “fire hand” (which continuously burns a creep until he finally explodes).

In addition to the towers, the lich will also provide defense by zapping any creep that comes within range. However, you’ll score more points if you rely on the towers more.

Lich Defense by Jellyoasis Inc. screenshot

The lich also has spells that can be used in a pinch, such as a lightning storm. You’ll want to use these sparingly because the spell goes through a “cool down” period before it can be used again.

With over 60 different quests, you’re sure to keep busy.

This game doesn’t offer any nuances to the tower defense genre, though the graphics and gameplay certainly work for this title.

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