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Your Instagram Photos Have A Story Behind Them, So Tell It With My InstaStory

Your Instagram Photos Have A Story Behind Them, So Tell It With My InstaStory

September 10, 2012
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My InstaStory (Free) by Insta Story Inc. is an app that allows users to create short videos from a collection of their Instagram photos.

I’m sure that everyone on Instagram has had the urge to create a slideshow video with their photos, especially if there’s several images with a certain theme or event tying them together. No? Well maybe now you actually do want to do that now that I mentioned it. My InstaStory allows users to do just that, and it’s relatively easy to do so.

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The first thing you will have to do is to sign in with your Instagram account. If you do not have Instagram yet, what are you waiting for? Grab the free app and create your account, and get snapping. Once you log in to your account on My InstaStory, the app will have access to all of the photos that you have uploaded on the servers.

If you need some inspiration before creating your own story, just take a look at the Explore view. There are 32 thumbnails for stories, and if you tap on one, it will start playing. Want more stories? Just tap on the refresh button and it will give you new ones.

To create your own, just tap on Create. It will load up your recent Instagram photos (select “Load more…” if you need to go back further). Select as many photos as you need to tell your own special story, then tap on “Done.” You can then name your story — be more creative than “My Story,” please — and have the option to add effects and music.

There are only four effects: Zoom, Push, Dissolve, and Basic. These are the transitions between each photo, and you can only select one for the entire story. It would have been nice to see a bit more customization here, like inserting multiple transitions to spice things up. But for what it’s worth, the current selection should be fine for most.

If you want to add music, My InstaStory provides over 130 songs for you to use in your slideshows. There is a wide variety of songs to choose from, including soundtracks, The Beatles, alternative, classic, reggae, electronic, and more. For any song that you may not know, just tap on the “Play” button to start listening to it. These are full-length tracks. Selecting a track will automatically add it to your story.

My InstaStory by Insta Story Inc. screenshot

When you have your photos, effects, and music selected, you can view a preview of your clip. If results please you, then it’s time to publish and share with your friends and the world! The Publishing menu will provide email, Facebook, or Twitter as options. Additionally, you can just send it to the My InstaStory community for others to see. Your stories will be accessible under the “My Stories” tab on the main screen.

I found the app to be easy to use, and it’s definitely fun to make videos from your Instagram photos, complete with music tracks. The only thing I’d like to see is maybe the ability to add your own music tracks to stories, but I am guessing it may be a copyright thing.

Regardless, if you have ever wanted to turn a collection of your Instagram pictures into a slideshow for others to check out, then this is the app to do that with. Check it out in the App Store for the swell price of free.

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