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Insyde Story Becomes NARR8R, Turn Your Life Into A Slideshow

Insyde Story Becomes NARR8R, Turn Your Life Into A Slideshow

September 5, 2012
NARR8R is a photography based social networking app. Take pictures of your life, share them with friends, and link your world to theirs to see just how small this planet really is. This app used to be called Insyde Story. The developers recently changed the name. Maybe they are trying to generate more interest.

This social app allows users to create slide shows of events and upload them for everyone. Add pictures, locations, music, and tags to your entry. Then, name it and share it with friends with a few simple steps. The first thing to do is sign up. You can either register a new account with NARR8R directly, or log in with Facebook or Twitter. I suggest logging in with one of the popular social networking sites since you’ll want to share your creation when you are done anyway.

Once logged in, users can create a new “Story” by tapping the center button. You’ll be able to name your story and add scene titles. You can also add captions to each photo, song or video. The next thing to do is add images. You can either take a picture or video from your device, or add one from your photo library. To add more images, tap the “plus” symbol in the current image’s corner. You can add photos in front of or behind the current one. You can also add audio to your story. You can choose from you device’s music library, from uploaded audio from NARR8R’s library, or record something in real time.

Users can also add the location of the event by geotagging. Add tags for easy searching and your creation is ready to go. To upload your story, tap the button at the top, right of the screen. You can either save it as a draft, which I highly recommend, or publish it directly.

Once you’ve published it, it becomes a story that everyone can see. They can comment on it, “Like” it, and add it as a favorite. People can also link their own stories to someone else’s. For example, if someone published a story about their trip to Disneyland, you could link it to your own trip to “the happiest place on earth” so that others can have a virtual vacation there.

You can explore other stories by looking for them on the map, or checking out the story feed and most recent uploads. You can also see stories listed by what is trending and what is most popular. If you don’t want to make your stories public, you can change your privacy settings.  Choose the “Unlisted” setting and only selected users will be able to see your stories. This app is a lot like Instagram, only without the cute filters. What makes it unique is that you can create and share multiple images, videos, and audio recordings in one story.

While creating stories with NARR8R, I experienced several app crashes. I was using my fourth-generation iPod touch running iOS 5.1.1. Because of the crashes, I lost my stories several times. This was before I discovered the “Save as Draft” feature. Until the developers kill the bugs, I highly recommend saving your draft on a regular basis. This social networking app could potentially become a runaway hit. It has all the elements of social interaction and it is unique. The only thing missing is photo filters. People love that stuff. I hope they add that in the future. Download this app and start telling your story today.

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