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Will Rush!Bomber Blow You Away?

Will Rush!Bomber Blow You Away?

September 2, 2012
Rush!Bomber by Friendol Ltd. icon

Rush!Bomber ($1.99) by Friendol Ltd. has you dropping bombs in order to defeat the baddies. You play as a boy armed with bombs. Use them like there’s no tomorrow because you have an unlimited supply.

Each level has its own requirements for clearing it. You'll need to kill a certain amount of creatures and gather bottle caps, and do it all in under the allotted time. Blowing up crates will provide bonuses such as health, shields, or increased speed.

Rush!Bomber by Friendol Ltd. screenshot

Gameplay takes place in a 3D environment, similar to Prison Run. Controlling the character is done by a control stick in the bottom left corner.

The guy moves rather slowly, which makes moving through the level a little tedious. A bomb icon in the right corner serves to drop your bombs. The bomb has a three second timer until it goes kablooey.

Unlike Bomber Dog, you can’t throw the bombs, which would be a welcome addition.

The tutorial is misleading because it shows you how to drop a bomb, but then the control stick freezes. I was led to believe that you had to stay in place when placing a bomb, which (as you may have guessed) results in blast damage.

Another pitfall in the tutorial is the failure to address creature generators. As near as I can tell, there's nothing you can do about them, but it'd be nice to explicitly be told this.

Overall the game's pace is rather lethargic. That, in combination with the little variation between levels, leads to a dull experience. Ironic, considering the game's title includes the word "Rush" (with an exclamation mark, no less).

I expected a game dealing with bombs would have a fast-paced, explosive quality about it. Unfortunately, I was let down with this game. Everything about it looks promising until you actually play it.

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