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Quirky App Of The Day: Insects Collection Will Keep You Awake At Night

Quirky App Of The Day: Insects Collection Will Keep You Awake At Night

September 17, 2012
I hate bugs of any kind. I'm a sissy in that regard. Reviewing Insects Collection was painful. Yet, being called in the line of duty to review that which is quirky, weird, or regrettable, I did it anyway. I did it for all of you out there who happen to like bugs. Insects Collection is a compilation of everything that I hope will die out soon: Wasps, beetles, spiders, and ants all have a moment to shine. Yes, I know that spiders aren't insects. I'm sure the developers know that too. Those eight-legged nightmares just tend to get roped in with everything that creeps people out. Each insect has a close up picture and a description of what it is. I can attest that the detail in the pictures is both startling and awe inspiring. It makes me wonder how these creatures could have possibly evolved into such little monsters. If the picture doesn't get as close as you want it to, you can tap the screen twice to zoom in. There are dozens of these bugs to look at. If your heart so desires, there's an option for comparing and contrasting two species that you want to have a closer look at. Tap the upper right corner to add a picture. Then, tap the lower left corner to add a second picture. Take all of the time you want analyzing those pictures while the hairs on your arms start to tingle with the sensation of little vermin crawling all over them. There's also a quiz you can take to test your ability to identify a bug on sight. I flipped through these pictures so often during the review, that I managed to pull off a decent score despite being extremely undereducated about the world of insects. Maybe that's why insects are so deeply disliked: It isn't about the slime, stingers, venom, or bites. It's because people don't understand them. Right? No. I'm not right. It has everything to do with the slime, stingers, venom, and bites. It doesn't help that they look creepy enough to inspire nightmares in children. After looking at dozens of them blown up to the size of my palm, I'm even more rooted in my ways of hating anything that has more than four legs. Insects Collection is available at the App Store for $4.99.  

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