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Reebok Joins The Spotify Phenomenon, Find The Right Workout Playlist For You

Reebok Joins The Spotify Phenomenon, Find The Right Workout Playlist For You

September 20, 2012
As I sit writing this, I’m listening to Reebok’s new FitList app on Spotify. I’ve got the “Dancing” playlist running and I can’t stop myself from bopping to the beat. Even stationary listeners can benefit from the Reebok FitList. The fitness clothing company partnered with The Echo Nest, a music data collection platform that helps create streams of music that will appeal to a certain audience. With the help of the Echo Nest’s program, Reebok has released a Spotify app that will let you listen to songs that are specifically designed for your workout. Find the FitList app in the Spotify App Finder and create your own “FitList” by selecting the activity, level of intensity, and duration of session. Add an artist to start the ball rolling and let the app create a playlist based on a combination of your workout and the artist you’ve chosen. In order to create your own FitList, you’ll have to register with Reebok. Once registered, you’ll be able to create customized playlists that you can share with others.

There are already nine different FitLists that you can listen to without having to register with Reebok. Tap on the activity of your choice and start moving. Activities include walking, running, dancing, yoga, and more. The FitList app for Spotify is available inside the mobile version. Users can even select songs for offline play so there is no need to have Internet access to listen to the beat that will get you off your seat. Spotify is free and available in the App Store now. Grab your iPhone and get your heart pumping to the beat. I’ve got to get up and dance before I fall out of my chair. Via: TheNextWeb

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