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Siri Needs To Get Her Head Out Of The Clouds

September 24, 2012
You might want to look out the window before completely trusting that Siri has a handle on the weather forecast. According to MacRumors, the personal assistant seems to be delivering incorrect weather reports for a number of common city names that are in multiple states. Probably the biggest issue is that when you ask Siri to display to the weather in “New York City, NY,” it actually displays the pictured forecast for the much warmer (and smaller) New York, Texas. Posters on the MacRumors forums say even asking for weather in “my area” is no help and the correct forecast is only displayed when asking for a specific zip code. And in other examples, a user in Richmond, Va. Is seeing the weather for New Richmond, Ohio. Asking for the weather in Carrollton, Texas is displaying the forecast of Carrollton, Ind. I successfully duplicated having Siri show me all of those incorrect forecasts on my Verizon iPhone 5, which is definitely troubling. It doesn’t seem to be happening everywhere, as I got the correct forecast information for both Paris, France and the hamlet of Paris, Texas. There are also more than a few threads on Apple’s discussion forums with users having the same issues. Apparently, the issues are on Siri’s servers and can’t be fixed by users. Even though Apple has touted an improved Siri with iOS 6 while expanding it to more devices, it looks like the personal assistant still has some “beta” issues to say the least. Source: MacRumors

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